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Camarena Health, an organization committed to advancing healthcare services, recognized the need for enhanced integrations, seamless workflow solutions, customized SharePoint apps, and improved search. NIFTIT led this initiative to reshape Camarena Health's digital collaboration platform.

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One of the primary goals was to optimize the user experience through an advanced UI/UX design. NIFTIT also aimed to bolster data collection processes, streamline workflows, and enable efficient progress monitoring. Additionally, the project sought to establish a consistent visual language across numerous systems while adhering to branding guidelines. With these goals in mind, NIFTIT embarked on a mission to create a SharePoint landscape that would not only address the existing challenges but also set the stage for improved productivity and collaboration.

Bullet Icon Optimize the user experience

by leveraging advanced UI/UX design principles.

Bullet Icon Establish a consistent visual language

while adhering to branding guidelines.

Bullet Icon Improve collaboration and communications

between the various departments.

Bullet Icon Maintain a high-level of security

by implementing enhanced security measures.


NIFTIT's solution for Camarena Health exemplifies our deep-rooted expertise in Microsoft technologies and our commitment to industry best practices. Our team harnessed the power of SharePoint to provide a tailored solution that precisely addressed Camarena Health's unique challenges. Through meticulous planning and execution, we strategically restructured the SharePoint site, implementing granular permissions and a custom theme that resonated with the organization's branding guidelines.

Our implementation of advanced UI/UX design principles ensured an intuitive user experience, enabling fluid navigation and task completion. To bolster security and governance, we leveraged Microsoft's robust security features, establishing a comprehensive framework that safeguarded sensitive data and maintained regulatory compliance. Additionally, our extensive experience allowed us to enhance the platform's search functionality, enabling users to swiftly locate crucial information.

What sets NIFTIT apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. We approached this project with an understanding of Camarena Health's operational objectives, and our skilled team applied their proficiency to integrate business automations that streamlined processes and optimized onboarding. This meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices culminated in a cohesive SharePoint environment that empowers Camarena Health to achieve its goals efficiently and collaboratively.

What they said

“NIFTIT was a joy to work with. Their project management team did a great job of keep track of outstanding tasks. I’m not the most organized person and having competent PMs was critical to our success. Additionally, the design phase was outstanding. Their programming staff is also top notch. I am simply amazed at their knowledge when it comes to Web and SharePoint programming.”

Michael G. - Chief Information Officer