NYMTC (New York Metropolitan Transportation Council)

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NIFTIT's comprehensive SharePoint knowledge, enriched by our commitment to industry best practices and security standards, facilitated NYMTC's transition to a streamlined and efficient information management system. From a migration to SharePoint Online to custom workflows and data synchronization, this case study delves into our quest to enhance efficiency, increase collaboration, and empower decision-making.


NYMTC was looking for a technology partner that had the ability to streamline information access, simplify data management, and enhance operational efficiency. Of particular importance, was the ability to optimize the retrieval of data from diverse sources and databases scattered across complex systems. Additionally, the organization aimed to alleviate the burden of manual logins, enabling seamless access to vital information required for daily operations. These ambitious goals prompted NYMTC to engage NIFTIT's expertise to usher in a new era of accessible and efficient information management, empowering their team to make informed decisions with agility and accuracy

Bullet Icon SharePoint Migration

Migrate from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online for improved accessibility and scalability.

Bullet Icon Azure Integrations

Leverage Azure Functions and Azure Active Directory for seamless data synchronization and authentication.

Bullet Icon Business Automation

Develop custom forms and Power Automate workflows to streamline project routing and approvals.

Bullet Icon Data Aggregation

Streamline information access across multiple organizations and systems.

Bullet Icon Enhanced Security

Enforce rigorous security measures while adhering to SharePoint best practices throughout the process.

Bullet Icon Maps Services

Integration of ArcGIS API for custom rendering of map locations.


Our solution for NYMTC demonstrated our commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and seamless collaboration. We embarked on this journey by meticulously assessing their existing systems, recognizing the need to streamline data access and improve operational efficiency. With a deep understanding of NYMTC's unique challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed their migration to SharePoint Online, Azure Functions integration, and Azure Active Directory implementation.


The migration from SharePoint on premises to SharePoint Online was executed with precision, ensuring data integrity while enabling smoother collaboration and enhanced accessibility. We harnessed the power of Azure Functions to revamp their custom solutions, enabling seamless data synchronization from various sources while optimizing processes for maximum efficiency. By integrating Azure Active Directory, we fortified their authentication process, adding an extra layer of security to their systems.

Previously a complex maze, data retrieval was now an efficient, user-friendly process. Our customized forms and Power Automate workflows routed projects seamlessly to the right stakeholders, ensuring swift decision-making and alignment with business processes. The integration of additional Azure Services not only elevated their technological prowess but also instilled confidence in their data security.


Throughout the journey, our approach was underpinned by Microsoft's cutting-edge technologies and our unwavering commitment to NYMTC's success. Our collaboration demonstrated that finding the right partner for your cloud migration can lead to cost, speed, and security efficiencies that permeate throughout an organization.