TKE (TK Elevator)

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TK Elevator (“TKE”), a global leader in elevator manufacturing based in Germany, came to us with the goal of enhancing their SharePoint ecosystem. TKE looked to NIFTIT to optimize user experience, streamline operations, and amplify collaboration.


The objectives extended beyond technological refinement, encompassing enhancing support for multiple languages, seamless cross-device accessibility, and a revitalized user interface. As TKE sought to create a more inclusive and streamlined digital workplace, NIFTIT's expert team undertook the challenge to align their aspirations with technological excellence, ensuring that every goal was not only met but surpassed. Through meticulous planning, focused execution, and a commitment to industry best practices, the objectives set the trajectory for a transformation that laid the groundwork for a modernized and cohesive digital ecosystem.

Bullet Icon Revitalized UI

Redesign the SharePoint site to align with TKE's branding.

Bullet Icon Streamline Tagging

Leverage SharePoint's Term Store for document tagging, simplifying content organization and improving search accuracy.

Bullet Icon Enhance UX

Elevate TKE's SharePoint environment by optimizing search functionality and refining user experience for seamless navigation.

Bullet Icon Multilingual Support

Implement multilingual features to cater to TKE's diverse global workforce, enabling users to access content in their preferred language.

Bullet Icon Universal Accessibility

Ensure universal access by designing responsive interfaces for tablet and mobile versions, fostering productivity across all devices types.


NIFTIT's comprehensive solution for Thyssenkrupp Elevator (TKE) revolved around a meticulous approach that harnessed the power of Microsoft technologies. Addressing TKE's diverse objectives, our experts embarked on an intricate journey that culminated in a seamlessly integrated SharePoint Online environment. Leveraging Microsoft's robust suite of tools, we tailored the solution to meet TKE's exact requirements.


For the objective of enhancing search functionality and user-friendliness, our team implemented SPFX web parts and extensions, enabling a more intuitive and efficient search experience. With a focus on multilingual engagement, we harnessed SharePoint's multilingual features, making content accessible to a global audience in languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean.

To ensure cross-device accessibility, we crafted responsive interfaces for tablet and mobile versions of TKE's SharePoint site. Microsoft's modern development techniques, including SPFX, allowed us to seamlessly adapt the user interface to various devices, aligning with our dedication to user-centric design.

By utilizing TKE's branding guidelines, integrating background images, and optimizing the navigation, we showcased our ability to enhance SharePoint's UI/UX. Additionally, through the creation of Power Automate workflows, we demonstrated our acumen for streamlining document management and collaboration processes.

Throughout this project, we continuously delivered on our goals to combine industry best practices with Microsoft's cutting-edge tools, which resulted in a solution that met and exceeded TKE's objectives.

What they said

“NIFTIT enabled us to really move forward and make our intranet as interactive, mobile and easy as we had wanted to. The team was proactive, professional and very easily accessible. We appreciate the time taken to make sure we understood how to make the best out of what was being built. Very pleasant experience!”

Laurent D. - Digital Communication Manager at TKE