Enhancing User Experience with Effective SharePoint Page Design

By Khoa Q.
Published 2 months ago
~2 minute read
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Enhancing User Onboarding with Our Updated SharePoint Site

At Niftit, we understand the importance of a smooth onboarding process. That's why we've revitalized our onboarding SharePoint site to create an intuitive, user-friendly platform that new hires can rely on from day one. Here’s how we’ve improved the user experience, ensuring our new team members have everything they need at their fingertips.


Streamlined Navigation

We’ve simplified navigation by implementing a clear, consistent top navigation bar and a well-organized sidebar navigation system. This update helps new hires find essential information quickly and effortlessly, from company policies to training modules. Moreover, breadcrumbs have been added across the site, allowing users to navigate through the site’s hierarchy without losing their place.

Recognizing the need for efficient information retrieval, we’ve introduced a prominent search bar at the top of every page. This feature is complemented by Quick SharePoint Search web parts strategically placed on key pages, making specific searches faster and more relevant. Additionally, we've enabled scope searches to allow new employees to filter information based on specific criteria like dates, document types, or custom metadata, dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of search results.

Organized and Updated Content

To maintain clarity and ensure all content is up-to-date, each page clearly identifies its owner—providing new hires with a go-to person for queries or further engagement. We’re committed to keeping our content fresh and relevant, with regular updates reflecting the latest onboarding practices and resources.

Interactive Elements for Enhanced Engagement

We believe in interactive learning, which is why our onboarding site now includes various multimedia content such as instructional videos to provide a richer learning experience. New hires can also give immediate feedback through enabled comments, access request forms, and a dynamic help button available on all pages. This button provides quick tips and guides to assist them as they navigate through their initial days at our company.

These updates are part of our ongoing effort to ensure that every new team member feels welcomed, informed, and ready to embark on their journey at Niftit. We are excited to see how these enhancements will streamline the onboarding process and improve overall employee satisfaction.