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BSR, a distinguished client in the corporate sustainability sector, entrusted NIFTIT with the optimization of their SharePoint Online and SalesForce systems. With a vision to elevate their integration capabilities, create an elegant SharePoint interface, and streamline client file management, BSR sought NIFTIT's expertise to align their digital landscape with the highest industry standards.


The initial setup posed challenges, as BSR lacked a robust architectural foundation. Permissions were misaligned, leading to administrative complexities. Addressing these concerns was paramount to alleviate operational bottlenecks and enhance system efficiency. BSR also aimed to align their practices with Microsoft's best-in-class standards, a challenge that required strategic guidance.

NIFTIT undertook the mission to create a seamless synergy between SharePoint and SalesForce, fostering better data interchange. Centralizing document lifecycle management was a core objective, ensuring streamlined access and control. Leveraging SharePoint's Term Store metadata capabilities emerged as another key objective to enhance content categorization and discovery, further amplifying the user experience.

Bullet Icon Integrate SharePoint and SalesForce

Improve integration between SharePoint and SalesForce for seamless data exchange.

Bullet Icon Enhance document lifecycle

for streamlined access and version control. Implement Term Store metadata to facilitate efficient content categorization and discovery.

Bullet Icon Revamp SharePoint interface

to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

Bullet Icon Develop custom SPFX components

to enable data extraction from SalesForce for better cross-platform connectivity.

Bullet Icon Establish automation mechanisms

for project and document lifecycle management to boost operational efficiency.


The transformation journey began by revamping BSR's SharePoint site, creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Custom SharePoint Framework (SPFX) components were strategically designed and developed to seamlessly pull data from the SalesForce system, enhancing cross-platform connectivity. Automation mechanisms were implemented to facilitate efficient project and document lifecycle management, bolstering productivity.


NIFTIT meticulously constructed a customized Term Store metadata structure, allowing documents to be tagged with precision. This effort was complemented by a scripted process, ensuring consistent and accurate metadata application. To address the challenge of document archival, NIFTIT provided strategic guidance and assistance.

Ongoing support became a cornerstone of the solution, ensuring BSR's evolving needs are met effectively. The collaboration achieved holistic system optimization, empowering BSR to serve their sustainability mission seamlessly and efficiently.

Through strategic architecture, customized automation, and meticulous metadata management, NIFTIT's solution delivered a transformative experience for BSR, exemplifying the power of efficient integration, streamlined processes, and expert SharePoint development.