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Interprivate (IPV) encountered a series of challenges that necessitated expert assistance. Their Office 365 tenant configuration needed comprehensive review and optimization. Additionally, they required ongoing IT support to ensure smooth daily operations.

The company recognized the need for an Office 365 expert to not only fine-tune their tenant configuration but also to provide continuous support for their IT environment. They also sought an IT expert who could offer regular assistance to address their day-to-day operational needs effectively.


The core goals and objectives of the collaboration between NIFTIT and Interprivate (IPV) were twofold: to establish a seamless and secure digital workspace powered by Office 365 and to ensure robust IT support that enables IPV to navigate its daily operations effortlessly. With a sharp focus on enhancing productivity, data protection, and compliance, the partnership aimed to create an ecosystem where technology aligns seamlessly with business processes, and where continuous expert guidance drives efficiency and peace of mind.

Bullet Icon Enhanced Microsoft 365

Configured and supported IPV's tenant to ensure optimal utilization and performance.

Bullet Icon Seamless Adobe Sign Integration

Integrated Adobe Sign with SharePoint Online for efficient document management and signing processes.

Bullet Icon Secured Exchange Online

Configured Exchange Online rules to enhance email organization and management.

Bullet Icon Effective Data Retention

Implemented data retention policies to meet compliance requirements and streamline data management.

Bullet Icon Compliance Assurance

Ensured compliance with Regulation 17-4a, establishing a robust framework for regulatory adherence.

Bullet Icon Robust Data Protection

Leveraged sensitivity labels and email encryption for data protection, safeguarding sensitive information.


NIFTIT's transformative solution for Interprivate (IPV) set out to address critical challenges by delivering an array of streamlined, secure, and efficient processes. As IPV sought a seasoned O365 expert to scrutinize and optimize their tenant configuration, our team stepped in with comprehensive expertise. We meticulously reviewed every facet of the configuration, ensuring a harmonized and well-structured environment that aligned seamlessly with IPV's operational needs. Simultaneously, we recognized the importance of daily IT support. Leveraging our deep IT knowledge, we became IPV's trusted partners, offering ongoing assistance to tackle technical intricacies, thereby freeing their team to focus on core business activities.


Our solution extended beyond configuration reviews and IT support. Recognizing the significance of efficient document workflows, we integrated Adobe Sign with SharePoint Online, introducing a seamless and automated process for document approval and management. Moreover, our expertise in Exchange Online rules optimization and data retention policy configuration ensured the smooth flow of communication while maintaining compliance standards. By strategically implementing Compliance 17-4a and data protection measures through sensitivity labels and encrypted emails, we fortified IPV's data security posture, safeguarding sensitive information from potential threats. This holistic approach to security and efficiency not only empowered IPV to meet its current operational needs but also provided a solid foundation for future growth.


At NIFTIT, our commitment as consultant experts goes beyond technical solutions; it encompasses building lasting partnerships. We stand by our clients, offering not just solutions, but dependable support and guidance. Our ongoing collaboration with IPV ensured their IT ecosystem remained robust and responsive, enabling them to navigate the evolving technology landscape with confidence. With NIFTIT's expertise, IPV achieved an optimized and secure digital environment, where technical challenges are transformed into opportunities for growth and innovation.