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NIFTIT consulted with Smile Train to revolutionize their digital landscape. Through bespoke front-end design, meticulous site architecture, and technical prowess, we crafted an immersive digital space that resonated with Smile Train's brand identity. Our seamless migration to SharePoint Online, ongoing maintenance, and incorporation of SharePoint Framework (SPFX) development ensured a cohesive user experience, solidifying Smile Train's online presence as impactful and engaging.

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The objectives of our collaboration with Smile Train were rooted in enhancing their digital presence and streamlining operational efficiency. Our primary goal was to design and develop a bespoke front-end template that aligned seamlessly with Smile Train's brand identity, fostering a cohesive user experience. In addition, we aimed to implement a user-friendly absence request form to simplify leave management processes, while ensuring easy accessibility to global clocks and company events for their worldwide staff. Through our migration to SharePoint Online, we aimed to optimize their platform's performance, bolstering their ability to engage with their audience and deliver their critical mission effectively.

Bullet Icon Strengthen User Experience

Enhance user engagement through SPFX development, ensuring a user-friendly interface and improved functionality.

Bullet Icon Enhance Brand Alignment

Develop a custom front-end template aligned with Smile Train's branding for consistent visual identity and navigation.

Bullet Icon Migration to SharePoint Online

Seamlessly transition Smile Train's platform to SharePoint Online, optimizing performance and accessibility.

Bullet Icon Streamline Leave Management

Create an efficient absence request form using SharePoint workflows and permissions to simplify leave tracking and management.

Bullet Icon Improve Event Communication

Utilize SharePoint calendars to notify staff of important company events and deadlines for enhanced collaboration.


NIFTIT Creative's solution for Smile Train revolved around precision and innovation, aligning seamlessly with their organizational goals. To enhance brand consistency, a bespoke front-end template was meticulously designed, reflecting Smile Train's unique identity. This involved a collaborative process that incorporated the company's color palette, typography, and layout preferences, fostering a cohesive visual experience. Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint and SPFX were harnessed to bring this vision to life, ensuring a user-friendly interface and improved functionality that resonated with Smile Train's global audience.


The project's success lay in its ability to address various challenges and streamline crucial processes. By implementing a comprehensive absence request form, powered by SharePoint workflows and permissions, NIFTIT Creative simplified leave management for employees and managers alike. Furthermore, the integration of a "World Clocks" widget facilitated global time synchronization, fostering better communication and collaboration across different time zones. SharePoint calendars played a pivotal role in conveying company events and deadlines, bolstering internal cohesion and engagement.

NIFTIT Creative's expertise shone during the migration to SharePoint Online, a pivotal moment in ensuring platform optimization and accessibility. This transition leveraged cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, underscoring the team's commitment to technological advancement. The result was a robust digital ecosystem that streamlined processes, empowered staff, and aligned seamlessly with Smile Train's mission. Through meticulous planning, efficient implementation, and a focus on leveraging Microsoft's solutions, NIFTIT Creative achieved a transformative solution that reflected Smile Train's values and facilitated their operational efficiency.