NIFTIT Checklists

Welcome to NIFTIT's Comprehensive Checklist Series – your one-stop destination for expertly curated checklists designed to streamline and simplify critical tasks across various domains.

  1. SEO Checklist

    Enhance your website's search engine visibility with NIFTIT's comprehensive SEO checklist. This guide covers essential HTML elements and practices that play a pivotal role in optimizing your web content for improved search rankings and user engagement.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 07:26
    seo checklist html elements page title optimization meta description best practices proper heading hierarchy descriptive image alt attributes mobile-friendly optimization keyword usage strategies
  2. How to get Google Analytics V4

    Learn how to obtain the Google Analytics tracking code for your website and start gathering valuable insights about your site's visitors and performance.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 07:53
    google analytics tracking code sign in create property configure settings choose platform get tracking code add to website verify tracking.
  3. Create Office 365 account for NIFTIT

    Discover how to create a new account in Office 365 and assign it either the global administrator or SharePoint administrator role for efficient management and access control.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 07:57
    office 365 new account creation global administrator role sharepoint administrator role access control account management.
  4. Get the Google reCAPTCHA Code

    Learn how to obtain a reCAPTCHA code for your development team with this step-by-step guide. Safeguard your forms against spam and abuse effectively.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 08:12
    recaptcha setup, development team, prevent spam, step-by-step guide
  5. Create Google Maps API key

    Learn how to generate a dedicated Google Maps API key for Places services, vital for streamlined development. Follow these steps to create and secure your API key, ensuring effective integration of location-based features in your applications.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 08:16
    google maps api, places services, api key setup, development team
  6. Microsoft 365 licenses

    Microsoft Office 365 provides flexible licensing, ranging from comprehensive suites to specialized plans, ensuring optimal solutions for diverse business requirements, enhanced security, and productivity with offline access to Office applications.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 08:32
    flexible licensing comprehensive suites specialized plans enhanced security.
  7. SharePoint features

    Document management; collaboration tools; workflow automation; content organization; search functionality; customizable web parts; integration capabilities; security controls.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 08:34
    collaboration document management workflow automation customization integration metadata security search functionality
  8. Install PnP PowerShell

    PnP PowerShell is a powerful tool for SharePoint automation, streamlining tasks and enhancing efficiency.
    Last Updated: 08/20/2023 08:37
    automation sharepoint tasks productivity pnp powershell efficiency scripting sharepoint management.